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How to Recharge your StarTimes Decoder

How to load the Recharge card

Using Smartcard Number
1.   Scratch the foil to reveal the 16 digit PIN number
2.   Enter CC#Smart Card Number#PIN
3.   Send as SMS to 32020.
4.   You will receive an SMS about the recharge whether it is successful and your current balance.
Note: find the Smart Card number on the Smart Card Inserted in your Video Gateway

•   Recharging your SmarTimes Decoder can be done using your mobile phone.
•   Mtn network is advisable.
•   Leave no Space in between SMS
•   Make sure you do not end your SMS with #
•   You will receive an SMS about the recharge whether it is successful and your current balance.
•   To check balance: Enter: BQ#Smart Card Number# OR BQ#Customer Code# send as SMS to 32020

•   Do not discard your recharge card unless you have received an SMS confirming that this card has been utilized.

199 Comments on “How to Recharge your StarTimes Decoder”

  1. osinubi adetola says:

    Pls what are the areas of coverage of the startimes digital tv. Can it work in sagamu, ogun state. A prompt reply wil be highly appreciated. Thanks

  2. Edo Isaiah says:

    i’m receiving all the channels (33 channels) as in your leafllet clearly with the exception of vox Africa using the antenna that came with the decoder

    However, when watching some channels mostly the foreign ones, the picture(video) will just remain like without further change go black and come again after some seconds without error code or any other message, what is wrong? do i need return the decoder for check?

  3. Owolabi says:

    You should be able to get it at barrack. The building is closer to the filling station.

  4. uba augustine says:

    i am receiving only 18 channels and not 33 as specified in your leaflet.from kano

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Uba, for you to receive 33 channels on your decoder you need to do auto-search from your startimes remote control or reposition your antenna. presently as i reply you, the number of channels view with startimes decoder is 35 channels.

  5. segun says:

    Pls is it workin ABK & where i can get it.

  6. Ime umoh says:

    Can i receive in uyo akwa ibom state

  7. Ime umoh says:

    Can we receive signal in uyo

  8. bola says:

    how to i load my smartcard?

  9. bola says:

    how do i load my smartcard?

  10. Lanre says:

    Can i get the list of channels on startimes??????

  11. Gordins says:

    I heard about this StarTimes decoders in Kano. I intended getting one within the week but I want to find out what happens if I do not recharge it after a month or two of last recharge? Will I still have access to some channels. Are there live Premier Leagues channels on StarTimes?

  12. banky1987 says:

    is the coverage available in ifo?

  13. Adeyemi says:

    Dere are no sport sations in d startimes decoder why?

  14. Toyin says:

    I bought my decoder in ketu on 27th of september 2010 but yesterday i was shocked when i received message to recharge. Pls, do the needful.

    • Owolabi says:

      You said yesterday what date? Well the only advice i will give concerning subscription that does not last a month would be always ask who ever sold the decoder to you if the decoder has been activated and if the response is yes, then ask how many days. then you should able to know if you are to request for another one or make do with that.

  15. Toyin says:

    They are distopping me to recharge when is not up to a month a bought the decoder. my decoder no 02027191442.

    • Owolabi says:

      May be your decoder has been view before you buy it from the local store. i recommend you purchase from startimes office in Ikeja or Fatai Atere Mushin

  16. Kolawole Ibirogba says:

    What is Startimes doing with regards to ADULT chanels?

    • Owolabi says:

      For some months now the Hotel channel has been suspended and am yet to know what they are doing about this adult channel.
      As soon as i get info. about this i will get it posted here.

  17. dapo says:

    I jus got my decoder.. I think it has not yet been activated .. Jus getting “smart card error” how do I go about the initial activation.

    • Owolabi says:

      If you are getting smart card error, this mean you smart card is not proper inserted, to properly insert your smart card the arrow on the smart card must be facing down when inserting the smart card in the card slot

  18. abiola says:

    pls am interested in startimes,but am much concern about sport such as EPL,LA LIGA,SERIE A AND CHAMPIONS LEAGUE.any hope pls.

  19. abiola says:

    am much interested in sport,are startime showing them

  20. jonathan says:

    I recharged my startime decoder successfully in the first week of november,2010,I received a comfirmatory sms that it was i’ve not been able to get signal ever since and my recharge subscrptio is running out, what could possibly be wrong and what can I do to fix this problem? I live in Apapa, in lagos.

    • Owolabi says:

      If you receive a confirmatory sms that your new subscription was successful and yet no signal on your startimes decoder, the is “reception and not subscription” though you have successfully recharge your decoder.
      what you are to do now is reposition your antenna in a good position to receive good signal strength, and make sure the signal light “greener light” comes up. the greener light is below the power light at the front panel of your decoder

  21. YEMI,IKEJA says:


  22. Maro EDWARDS says:

    I intend to get startimes decoder but could not locate any of their outlets in my area. I dont want to buy from agents. I live in okokomaiko, lagos. In addition, what is the current price of the decoder. Pls advise asap.

  23. Kenny says:

    When the startime wil be working in Abeokuta, its possible 2 recharge ahead when the decoder is still working..,

  24. Gideon Bam says:

    Can I have your exact address at Ikeja or Fatai Atere,pls?

  25. Gideon Bam says:

    If u can include CNN,all your dreams are come true.. That also reminds me,get radio stations in the groove,fold your arms & watch comments of equity appraisals.

    • Owolabi says:

      Thank you very much Gideon for that comment .The management and staff of startimes are working hard to make sure they give you the very best of their services.

  26. eleh chineye says:

    i have been trying to recharge
    my star time i have done as i was instructed but no conformation message

  27. olusola says:

    pls am vin problems rechargin my startimes 4 sm days i v recharge bt it nt bn activated

  28. Owolabi says:

    Hello olusola,
    Resend an sms to 32020. Follow the bellow format :

    cc#your smart card number#PIN

  29. lanre says:

    i try to recharge my startimes bt it is saying i need decoder number where can i get decoder number

    • Owolabi says:

      Your decoder number is the serial number of your decoder. You can locate the serial number at the back of your decoder. The serial number is seventeen digit number pasted at the back of your decoder very close to where you plug the antenna.

      Example : 270128XXXXXXXXXXX.

  30. Samade says:

    When will startime work in Ibarapa area especially Lanlate where there is firstTelecomunication satellite mostly in terested

  31. Is there any adult station on startimes?

  32. Ade says:

    I just bought my star time decoder in Ibadan but is not start working because i can read on my tv screen that the channel list is empty,pls what happened? and i have plug it,the signal light doesn’t on i mean the green light,plz xplain this to me…..Thanks

  33. bayo says:

    Please i bought my startimes dec @ sango outlet in Ibadan. Up till now i have not been able to view any channel. Despite a text message which says successfull activation my decider is still saying activation error (4). What is d problem!

  34. hamed says:

    i bought the decorder is ok but there are some chanels that is not working fine like skiping the second thing is that there should be a yoruba station now

  35. gabriel says:

    pls, can anybody confirmed if there is startimes signal in ibadan


  37. djlenzyd says:

    Startimes is now available in Ibadan, I’m watching BBC news on it right now!

  38. peter says:

    is there signal in badagry

  39. sadiq says:

    where do i susribe and how do i suscribe.

  40. Stanley says:

    NTA-Startimes pay tv had better get a little more serious by determining an exact tariff plan for customers: not just to packet a bundle of channels only to display their (NTA-Startimes) own choice of viewership at the expense of the customers’ interest. By this I mean, if I had paid 1,800 NGN to view an array of channels for instance BBC, there is no reason why I should be deprived of that right at any particular point in time, without cogent reason. If it is due to technical problems, NTA-Startimes had better gear-up and rise up to the occasion, more so now that the ovation is high!

  41. Mr Jimoh Nasiru says:

    I bout startimes decoder in Lagos i took it to Port-Harcout allmost two mouth ago up till now is not working. pls tell me the problem.

  42. Mr Jimoh Nasiru says:

    Is your startimes decoder working in Port-Harcourt?.

  43. Wale says:

    It’s quite great using startime decoder,but when will you include another station

  44. mulerone says:

    pls, can anybody confirmed if there is startimes signal in Gulu?

  45. marq says:

    ive tried recharging my decoder trice but says unsuccessful why? When will you start showing the adult channel

  46. Enu Joan says:

    When you say PIN, for recharging startimes, is it the PIN number of smartcard or that of the recharge card?

  47. fito friday says:

    pls is startimes available in nsukka of enugu state?

  48. patrick Ejue says:

    Please each time i get recharge card, i find it difficult to load or recharge my STAR TIME decoder, i send CC#02………..#PIN to 32020 but get no fit back please somthing need be done for customers to recharg freely.

  49. patrick Ejue says:

    Please also STAR TIME should try and be showing some championship and premier ship matches, customers need things like that.

  50. vivsky says:

    I bought a startimes decorder yesterday in port harcourt and pluged it as instructed, but it is showing me no signal and no service. what should i do to get signal.

  51. caleb says:

    can i get signal in makurdi and where can i purchase one?

  52. noel says:

    I just bought a star time decoder yesterday, when i pluged it on when i got home it didnt work, do i nedd to register something first?

  53. Godswealth says:

    Oh oh… I’m getting 38 channels on my star time. For you to get more channel, simply possible your Antenna where all the available channel is showing without interruptions and repeat the automatic search.

  54. Godswealth says:

    Oh oh… I’m getting 38 channels on my star time. For you to get more channel, simply position your Antenna where all the available channel is showing without interruptions and repeat the automatic search.

  55. abraham says:

    we want AIT in our decoder


    I’ve been recieving NO SIGNAL message on my decoder since last month. What is the problem kindly help me to rectify the Error message. My smart card no is 02027269417. Thanks

    • Owolabi says:

      Check your antenna connection. Make sure the antenna is properly connected to your decoder and not to the TV set. Also check my post on how to solve ”No Signal” Problem on the home page of this blog.

  57. kemkal says:

    I just bought a startimes decoder; pls how do I activate it.

    • Owolabi says:

      Connect your decoder to your TV set as directed by the manual. Leave it on while the TV set is on, make sure the antenna is connected to the decoder and not to the TV set. Position the antenna for good reception. make sure the signal light comes up, otherwise your TV screen will read “No Signal”. The signal light is greener in color and is below the power light.

  58. Safetylink says:

    Please i find it difficult to recharge my startime with mtn,
    Please is there any how i can recharge thro my internet computer, advice pls

  59. MIKKYBUZZY says:

    Am enjoying my startimes here in ikorodu,but is the signal available at ondo?at ondo?

  60. ahirhima victor says:

    since i have recharge for the passed three day nothing seems to work

  61. Tobi fadayomi says:

    Plz i am recieving 36 channel is dat supossed to be.Smart card no.02027230886

  62. Pls, is startimes service available in oyo town? Is there any station that shows yoruba movies?

  63. Hello,please confirm if i can use your decoder in Delta state. I bought two decoders early this
    year and have received very good service both in Oyo and Ogun state.

  64. Am enjoyin my startime cable netwok but more efforts are stil required, most expecally on live sprot channels.

  65. How much can i buy startime and how many channels are on it

  66. Activation says:

    Pls how do i activate a new startimes decoder. My new new startimes tv decoder shows error…not activated.

  67. Activation says:

    Pls how do i activate a new startimes decoder. My new new startimes tv decoder shows error…not activated….

  68. amina says:

    my receiver still is 18 channels please chek it.

  69. amina says:

    i do it the channels is46 but still only 18 is working the remaining channels is not work.

    • Owolabi says:

      I beleive you are on Basic bouquet. You can only view 36 channels on basic bouquet. To receive all the 36 channels reposition your antenna a little bit from the position that gives you 18 channels either to your left or right side, try each positioning with auto search using your remote control, this would update the missing channels.

  70. ernest says:

    after recharging, my decoder is showing no signal

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Ernest,
      Make sure your antenna is properly connected to your decoder. And look for the signal light(greener in coluor) at the front panel of the decoder, makes sure it comes up.

  71. Julia Ichipi says:

    I recharge my startimes decoder for abt 5days now, but only nta news channel is workhng. The rest channels are showing no access no subscribtion. What could be the problem?

  72. Muhammed hafsat says:

    I recharge my decorder one hour ago, & it has not been activated

  73. Simon ayanwale says:

    Wyh, since monday try 2 recharge and is not enter.card number:02027217165,pin:762471**********,seria n:201109**********

  74. emeka says:

    Getting the recharge around ajao estate lagos has been very difficult for me. Is there no other way to recharge apart from the card? Or is there any outlet in ajao estate where I can get it?

  75. eddy says:

    Please how do i terminate an active subscription on startimes decorder or shift it to d nxt month so that i can resubscribe bcuz i mistakenly subscrib 4 36 channels(1100 naira) instead of 46 channels(2100 naira)

  76. Joyce says:

    Hi am in benin I just bought the decoder (8000T) with 1 month free subcription but i can only recieve 20chanels is it because of the free subcription will i ever be able to recieve the basic 36chanels

  77. Owolabi says:

    Hello Joyce,
    With the free subscription you should receive the 36 (Basic Bouquet) channels. Adjust your antenna for better reception.

  78. Gbenga Francis says:

    Right now am enjoying my startime in ijebu imusin of ogun state.the 36 chanels.but frm 118 downward are not so strong,i mean d signal.i wil suggest d orisun station be moved to btw 101 to dt we can enjoy d yoruba station very well.b4 startime wil be lunched in ogun state.

  79. da hotgrid says:

    Keep an eye on da hotgrid for a breakthrough gift on how you can become an established household name working as a startimes dealer or retailer etc., how to recharge and migrate from basic bouquet to either classic or unique bouquet while keeping an eye on sattvng too. See you at and dont forget to like our facebook page too and to subscribe for email update posts.

  80. Jeffizy says:

    i don’t no where to find my smart card number

  81. Does your starttime decoder work in Sapele?

  82. what are your subscripsions per months?

  83. Chidocian says:

    How many free day are u giving 4 2000 naira suscriber?

  84. Chidocian says:

    How many free days are u giving 4 2000 naira suscriber after?

  85. beauty flagg says:

    i have recharge #2000 and received message successful yet no access not subscribed and angry because of my programes. card serial number 20111217XXXXXXX, 20111217XXXXXXXX, smart card number 02027246079. pls help cos ur customer care they are picking calls.

  86. engr bunmi daniel says:

    Pls I bought recharge card and I send it normal to 32020 but for past 3 days have not receive any message and have not been activated. Pls what am I going to do.

  87. Oye says:

    i have load my startime and is still telling me that have not subscribe what can i do since yesterday i can’t view any channels

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Oye,
      If the message on your TV screen is “Not Subscribe” then you have not been able to recharg your decoder succefully.
      If you still the card with you send:

      Example CC#02027XXXXXX#20116XXXXXXXXXXX
      Type as SMS from your phone and send to 32055

  88. opeyemmy says:

    Pls what are the areas of coverage of the
    startimes digital tv. Can it work in
    Iseyin, oyo state. A prompt reply wil
    be highly appreciated. Thanks

  89. uyi says:

    How do I check which bouquet my decoder is currently in so as to avoid migration error or repetition?

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Uyi,
      The easiest way to know the current bouquet you are on is with the number of channels you can receive or your monthly subscription.
      36 channels is Basic bouquet….N1000
      46 channels is Classic bouquet…N2000
      51 channels is Unique bouquet….N4000

  90. kenny says:

    pls send me how to activate my new startimes decoder it keeps giving me the signal not activated error

  91. Babalola adekunle says:

    Hello, am one of ur customer i bought the startime decorder week then i connected every normal but it was review signal bad. What shall i do to this?

  92. nurudeen says:

    pls I want 2 buy but im living in ifo ogun state is’t working in my area.

    • Owolabi says:

      Hellow Nurudeen,
      Partial reflection is available there in Ifo Ogun state, but conduct a research in your neighborhood to see if people are using it in your area,then you can ahead and buy it.

  93. Joshua says:

    Can we subscribe online with mastercard?

  94. OLAOYE says:

    my name is olaoye,pls i want to know may be startime decoder are showing spanish laliga,coper derey and italian seriea.thanks.

  95. ojolawrence says:

    I have smartcard problem on my decoder. What can be done. Nothing is showing for the past two weeks.Has the smartcard expired?

  96. Sulaiman Amidu Adekunle says:

    i bought your decoder at iseyin in iseyin local government area of oyo state that is about eight-five kilometer(85km) distance from ibadan and my decoder mostly not receive signa at my area while some in the same town are working well with outdoor antene.In our town ”ISEYIN”will need your stable service and I promise to render any assistance on it.You can contact me on these e-mail or call on 08054135909.Your response and folow up will be expect.Thanks.

  97. Sulaiman Amidu Adekunle says:

    I bought your decoder at Iseyin in Iseyin local government area of oyo state that is about 85km from ibadan and I’m not receiving signa in my area while other in another area in the same town are received with outdoor antenna.In that town ‘ISEYIN’ will need argent attension to bust your network coverage. Thanks’.

  98. Abu isah says:

    How much for the one month subcription?

  99. Prince SHINA BANKOLE says:

    The few days i spent watching startimes with Uncle,i was thrilled to buy it the following day .and i strongly believe that they will not disappoint me.


    why is that i started having signal problem the very day i activated my startimes.No signal,it’s not encouraging at all.


    do something positive very fast to upgrade your bad signal network,because we are paying 4 what we don’t utilize.vry painful during this holiday.

  102. Can startimes work in Eruwa,Oyo state?

  103. omope axis says:

    does star times nao work at abk?

  104. Emmanuel says:

    plis is startimes network in enugu state and where can i buy the decoder and recharge card in enugu here

  105. I hv been recharging via ma mobile,but it wasn’t successful?any other way pls help me out

  106. Ojediran Olawale David says:

    Hello!I bought my decoder a month ago but i was surprised wen i saw no signal just 2days b4 d end date pls are u sure dat wen i subscribe for another month it won’t give me any problem

  107. Adebayo says:

    I need adult movie on my decoder from 11:00 pm to 1:00am

  108. kurfi says:

    Is your startime network available in kurfi, katsina state? thanks.

  109. Gerald says:

    I want to buy the startime decoder but i want to know if the service is available in Nsukka in Enugu state. Thanks.

  110. femi joshua says:

    Can this start time. Cover OMUOOKE area in EKITI STATE and Ondo bcos I want my people to enjoy it in this festive seasson yuletide

  111. Gerald says:

    I want to buy startime decoder but i don’t know if the service is available in Nsukka. Please i need a quick response so that i will know that to do. My email address is Thanks

  112. Gerald says:

    I want to buy startime decoder but i don’t know if the service is available in Nsukka. Please i need a quick response so that i will know that to do. My email address is Thank you.

  113. I love this startimes,it’s incredible.

  114. i. john says:

    please, i got a startimes recharge card of 1000 worth, the problem is the card is not the new sets of cards in the sense that the PIN number is 16 digits while the recent ones are 12 digits. now the card is due to expire 31st dec. 2012, the problem is it is showing invalid, do it means that it cannot be used? please i will appreciate your urgent reply. thanks for your understanding

  115. KELVIN says:


    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Kelvin,
      You need to activate your startimes decoder before using it. send

      RES#Smartcard Number#Decoder Serial Number
      to 32020. NB leave no space between code
      after sending this code and you get a feedback saying resetting is successful, the you can start to recharge your decoder

  116. NGOZI NWANNE says:

    I just bought a new startimes video Gateway. Pls where is your office in onitsha so that I can recharge it.THANK YOU!!!

  117. Startimes needs 2 upgrade their network

  118. Thank. Will i recharge with MTN credit or what do you mean?

  119. Thank. Will i recharge with MTN credit or what do you mean? Plz

  120. Isaac Nkeiruka says:

    pls startimes should include emmanual tv as one of your channels,it will get more people to get startimes decoder

  121. abubakar lawan says:

    i have lafte my decoder like five mounth
    becouce i was not aroude but i am back now wath do i do?

  122. mrs cc ogugua says:

    i love the dam decoder,* bt it givin us difficulties problems.

  123. David says:

    They gave my sister the decoder at Nnena and friend show, after installation, it’s showin smartcard not registered or activated

  124. AHAMEFULE Uwanaka says:

    Please how can I recharg online

  125. Osahon Roland Erhabor says:

    I am just trying to recharged my decoder- 02027716755 with smart card – 91337834722 which i bought near yur office at sapele rd here in Benin. I got this message. That “The card 91337834722 was canceled” is it fake? Or i cannot recharge that set again?

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello osahon,
      You should resend your sms with the right recharge code again.getting that message does not mean the card is fake.You can resend the code but make sure you send the right code format for recharging

  126. Osahon Roland Erhabor says:

    I have been wating for your respond of mine mail concernig canceled smart card.

  127. Aderemi Michael says:

    Startimes tv is now in akure, why not in ekiti. I can assure you that are more patronising and demanding your products more than any state. It is a sorry case that we cannot viewing the startimes tv here in ekiti or can we do anything to enjoy it too or buy powerful antenna. Waiting for your reply

  128. Aderemi Michael says:

    Can we use powerful antenna to viewing startimes tv in Ekiti state or what can we do because i have decoder

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Aderemi,
      The only powerful antenna is Yagi antenna from Startimes, if Startimes signal service has been lunched in Ekiti you should be able to receive the signal with this antenna, except it has not been launched.

  129. Rev Ajayi says:

    can i get another remote control mine was miskept

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Rev Ajayi,
      Sure, you can replace your lost or damaged remote control by visiting startimes office, and request for a new one. Note: Replacement is not for free

  130. adedipe ademuyiwa says:

    please how can i load my scracth card please

  131. adefemi okunlol says:

    Pls I recharge my startimes but it as not been recharge I recharged it at startimes office in osogbo on the 12th of nov. And am not in osogbo now.

  132. tochy..... says:

    pls, I want to know if star times is available now in nsukka…….pls reply urgently….

  133. mudashiru says:

    I don’t no what is happen to my startime when u on it he will be going off and on showing reload pls help me out

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Mudashiru,
      Put your decoder on default reset, you can use your remote control to do that. If problem persist contact any startimes outlets in your area.

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