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How To Recharge Your Startimes Decoder On The Internet

how to make money on facebookApart from recharging your startimes decoder through sms using your mobile phones, subscribers can now easily recharge their startimes decoder through startimes website.

The steps to follow to recharge your startimes decoder are as follow:

Step 1

Purchase the Startimes recharge card from authorized dealers or outlets,log on to Startimes website and then click on customer care.

Step 2

Get your startimes smart card number from the smart card inserted in your decoder,type it in the smart card number text box, also type in a default password which is 123456, the default password is for first time users, who can also change the default password to a new six digit password of their choice, type in the check number and click on “Login

Step 3

Password Reset allows you to change your default or old password  to a new six digit password of your choice.Type in your old password and new password, confirm it by retyping the new password and click on “Modify”

Password Reset

Step 4

If your modification is well done you’ll get a confirmation as shown below

Startimes Password Modification Confirmation

Step 5

Click on the sub menu of “My Account” to view details of your subscription

Startimes Customer care


Step 6

To recharge startimes decoder click on “Recharge Card payment”. Type in the PIN number of the recharge card, the PIN number is sixteen digit number. put in the generated check code and click on “Recharge” . NB, If you type in wrong or invalid PIN number you get an instant response telling you “Prepaid card does not exist”. illustration from the page below. Be sure you put in the right PIN Number of you recharge card.

Recharge Card Payment

Step 7

Click on “Account Information View” to see the details of your subscription. Below is the details of my subscription, though am about to recharge. I have four naira eighty six Kobo (4:86 Kobo) on my decoder, am recharging very soon.

Account Information View

429 Comments on “How To Recharge Your Startimes Decoder On The Internet”

  1. MUSA NAJEEM says:

    I just bought a startimes decoder yesterday and sent RES#SCno#decoderno and sent to 32020.
    However, it was only NTA24news that showed, the rest of the channels were showing no signal a
    nd I noticed there were $ signs in front of other channels on channel list.
    Kindly guide on what I need to do to get all other channels.

    • Owolabi says:

      hello Musanajeem,
      first off all the code format you sent is wrong. Secondly if you are using the decoder for the first time you should leave the decoder on while plugged and connected correctly to your TV set for like ten minutes to twenty minutes, then it will activate it’s self, and all channels will be listed out.
      For the dollar sign to go away you should do auto search using your decoder remote control.
      Pls let me know if you are able to rectify the problem.

      • taiwo owolaranfe says:

        i just bought startime today, pls how should go about it? hope to hear u soonest?

    • nduka emmanuel says:

      mr musa wat u wil do first go 2 ur menu or settings on ur remote n press d altomatic search.

  2. Uzochukwu says:

    Please improve on your reception clarity in Kaduna, especially towards in the evening/night.


  3. Dayo Odebode says:

    The last 6 digits on my scratch card has been removed by my son. Is it possible for me to recharge my decoder with the remaining pin no and the serial no?

  4. Dayo Odebode says:

    Pls I’m still waiting for your response sir. Thanks.

  5. dear startime,i like the good work you guys are doin bt you guys did wat i dont like resently..actualy, i was suprise to see that your company has remove some of the best channel i so much love,like mtv base,E channel.this two channel is the best channel on your decoder and witout dis two am not sure that am going to be interested in dis startimes again..pls do somtin about it fast cuz d decoder seems so borin now.

  6. paul oreh says:

    we bought a startimes recharge card and we send d recharge pin but it is not showing since may so we left it but i want to retrieve it back,what shld i do nw i need solution to my startimes decorder.

  7. viola says:

    can the startime decorder work with any second hand tv?

  8. Toyin says:

    I want to confirm wherther startimes is now available in Benin city.

  9. Abiodun says:

    Great work startimes.I want startimes ng to have a facebook page so that subscribers could easily ask questions.

  10. Olajire says:

    Thanks Startimes 4d wonderful works u are doing, especially d inclussion of iqra for muslim subscribers. We shall grateful if, an islamic channel dat uses English as a means of communication could be included; e.g muslim telivision ahmadiyya -mta. Thanks.

  11. Olaoye sola says:

    I bought recharge card yesterday(03 december 2011), i was told that there was no service and i should recharge on my phone which i did but since that yesterday, i have not receive any sms. Again i have not been able to watch any station on my startimes, pls do something fast to rectify this error, tnx, sola

  12. Akinlolu says:

    It’s like this startimes of a thing will not last in Nigeria cos of irregularity in services. I’ve sent N2000 recharge pins tp 32020 since 2days now but still receive only NTA worse still i couldn’t log in to the so called website, what a hell of service been rendered by startimes. No cordination at all. Pls do something fast b4 i throw the shit into d trash can
    , my smartcard no is 02027175xxxx.

  13. Olaoye sola says:

    I recharge through my phone yesterday but i have not receive any sms alert since yesterday, pls treat my case

  14. Tina Elemson says:

    I bought 2000 pin 554887********** and 2 1000 recharge pin 561159********** and 803124**********, my smart card 525985 in Nov 11 hoping 2 charge 4 2mnths bt i reced a mesg concering d 2000 card dat it is used, i sent d pin no 2 one of ur staff wit tel no 080392***** wen i had problem in charging. My acc bal now is 1269, date of recharge 23/11/11, amt 4000. Wants 2 no which recharge was ok as at time of recharge.

  15. abraham says:

    Good the i recharge via the web using my ATM card i did choose over 30 channel and made a #2000 payment the recharge was successful but did not get the said station such as Bollywood Entertainment news what do i do?

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Abraham,
      Use the migrating code to migrate to classic bouquet:
      cc#smartcard number#PIN#c send to 32055.
      But check your balance before you send the code.

  16. macbeth says:

    I recharge myn startimes with N1000 but since two days ago, i can only receive NTA and when i check other channels, i am directed to check the card, i tried using my phone to send the number again but the response is that the card has been used. when i checked my balance online, i have 225.81
    what then is the problem with other stations

    Pls do reply


  17. Babatunde says:

    Hello Team,


    I simply want to confirm if I can pay for the Basic bouquet via Quickteller (online; using my debit card).

    Thank you.

    • Owolabi says:

      Hey Babatunde,
      Yes, Startimes monthly subscription can be done via Quickteller. Online payment using your debit card.
      You must register with you email address and a password to gain access.

  18. Gbenga Francis says:

    Hi,am enjoying my startimes in ijebu imusin,ogun state.but d signal here is still weak btw 35-41 signal strenght.i wil suggest dt d orisun be moved btw 101-118.bcos frm 119 downward ,d stations are not stable like d stations btw 101-118.

  19. Adewole says:

    Please kindly send me a recharge phone code compatable with Etisalat Network. Thanks.

  20. 4 long i did recharge my startimes decoder on friday 13/01/2012, i recharge with #2000 since dem it on NTA showing other channal are not showing my smart card no 020272XXXXX

  21. victor nathan says:

    Hi StarTimes Teams,i love u StarTimes.St’Times, you made me so proud.i’ m so happies more grace to StarTimes made poor see a globalworld in a flatscreen. thank StarTeam.Victor Nathan

  22. Good and happy 4 d star time

  23. oladele deborah says:

    I lov usin startimes


    Gooday to startime group love u, u r too much but there is
    something wrong, before i been recharged #1000 but am now deside to to buy recharged #2000 but i can be able to wharch the holle channel like MTVBASE.BOOLYWOOD.KUNYFUL and the rest but the signal 74 .but am enjoyed ORISUN CHANNEL am living at akute in ogun state near ojodu berger.

  25. Ezekiel Aliyu says:

    I bought a startime decoder some of my station has no volume.what will i do?

  26. Ȋ̝̊̅§ it only one phone number that we can be using τ̅☺ recharge our decoder , do you register τ̲̅ђε̲̣̣̣̥, line that take τ̅☺ register at first time, because Ȋ̝̊̅ tried τ̅☺ recharge with airtel line , Ȋ̝̊̅§ telling ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ ₪☺ signal.

  27. Do ‎​​U̶̲̥̅̊ register τ̲̅ђε̲̣̣̣̥, first phone number that recharge decoder, or should say Ȋ̝̊̅§ it only one line that we can be using τ̅☺ recharging decoder. Because Ȋ̝̊̅ used another line Ȋ̝̊̅§ complain ₪☺ signal ąN̤̥̈̊ð №τ̲̅ subscribe.

  28. charles says:

    hi,i want to find out if startimes tv have freeview channels or are they all pay tv?
    NTA has blank screen but it has only voice, what should i do?

  29. charles says:

    hi,i want to find out if startimes tv have freeview channels or are they all pay tv?
    NTA has blank screen but it has only voice, what should i do?

  30. toyin says:

    which new cities will be having startimes this year. we are expecting it in Ondo and Ekiti states

  31. Tvc says:

    Hi. Good afternon my startime is showing no signal since last week

  32. chiedu says:

    please i want to know if my account has been credited. this is my card number 0202710xxxx .Thanks chinedu.

  33. Evans says:

    Startimes u people are 419, why i say so? I but startimes product and i have 36 station, after 31 days u people reduce it 18 why? As i am talk to u now my stations are not correct. U people want me to tell my staff dat u people are fake.

  34. Solabi ganiu says:

    Firstly,when i‘m watching setanta i noticed that btw 10-15 min it‘ll just shown card error untill i remove the card & insert it back,but after 10-15min it‘ll occured,but it doesn‘t occured in other channels.Secondly,is it true that their is different code to load,1000,2000 &4000 recharge card? if their is, send it to my email.Thanks.

    • Owolabi says:

      Switch off your decoder before removing the smart card and make sure the decoder is not on while inserting the smart card.
      Their are migrating codes for each bouquet but only one code to reload your smart card.

  35. Paul best says:

    I just recharge my startimes on my mobile uptil now i have nt get access 2 enjoy it pls do sometime urgent about it.

  36. inforedge says:

    I have consistently recharged via INTERSWITCH and it usually takes minutes. Its so so convenient. However, all morning, I have recieved INVALID SMART CARD NO. What could be the the problem? My smart card is 0202747xxxx. The situation is terribly inconvenienting please deal with urgently. Thank you.

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello inforedge
      To activate your startimes decoder simply type:

      RES#Smartcard Number#Decoder Number

      Example: RES#020270XXXXX#Your Decoder serial Number

      Type on your phone as a message and send to 32020

      if problem still not solved, visit any startimes office around your vicinity

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello inforedge
      To activate your startimes decoder simply type:

      RES#Smartcard Number#Decoder Number
      Hey inforedge
      Example: RES#020270XXXXX#Your Decoder serial Number

      Type on your phone as a message and send to 32020

      if problem still not solved, visit any startimes office around your vicinity

  37. inforedge says:

    [70013]: Unrecognised customer information supplied: Service: Startimes Payments,
    smartcard number:

  38. Haruna says:

    Is there any problem CCTV news is not working.

  39. Moses says:

    Why is there no service since yesterday?

  40. olaitan olayiwola says:

    why am i having this information of recharge that my balance remain #15.00 i should recharge on the 17-04-2012 while the last time i recharge my decoder is 23-03-2012 isit that the recharge card is not up to a month again for substription please i need ugent reply thanks

  41. Pls i can not recharge my me pls.

    • Owolabi says:

      hello Kase,
      To recharge your decoder send:
      Example CC#02027XXXXXX#20116XXXXXXXXXXX
      Type as SMS from your phone and send to 32055

  42. Pls i can not recharge my me pls.
    My card no-020270XXXXX.

  43. beauty flagg says:

    from 24 to 26 of April 2012 i have loaded 2 startimes card but im still seeing no access not subscibed and i received message of successfully. these are the serial numbers: 201112XXXXXXXXXX, 201112XXXXXXXXXX. what will be the cause?

  44. Akpaida mohammed says:

    I buy a new startime decoder is only one channel i can see why?

  45. How can rechange my account on startime with my phone

    • Owolabi says:

      hello Ogunfowora
      Use the below code to recharge:

      CC# Smart Card number#PIN
      send as sms from your phone to 32055

      Your smart card number and your PIN.

  46. Chris Edward says:

    when will dis decoder move across the country kwara and others.

  47. Gozmok says:

    I bought a new startimes decorder yesterday and it’s display no acess not activated(errorcode1)on my tv.what can i do

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Gozmok,
      To activate your startimes decoder simply type:

      RES#Smartcard Number#Decoder Number

      Example: RES#020270XXXXX#Decoder serial Number

      Type on your phone as a message and send to 32020

      if problem not solved, visit any startimes office around your Area.

  48. Babatunde says:

    Hello Owolabi,

    I have not been able to use my decoder for about 4 days now. It gives an error message; “No access – Not subscribed”, even after I have subscribed (am not new, I have been using it since last year).

    Upon logging into my profile, “PUNISH_STOP” is the status of my service.

    My smart card no is 02027XXXXXX.

    Please help to fix this.

    Thank you.

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Babatunde,


      RES#Smartcard Number#Decoder Number

      Example: RES#020270XXXXX#Decoder serial Number

      Type on your phone as a message and send to 32020

      This code will reset your smart card, after then go ahead and recharge with the code bellow:

      Example CC#02027XXXXXX#20116XXXXXXXXXXX
      Type as SMS from your phone and send to 32055

  49. Shagari ongaji says:

    How can I migrate from basic bouquet to unique bouque. I reside in kaduna state.

  50. Shagari ongaji says:

    What is the process of migrating from basic bouquet to unique bouque. I reside in kaduna state.

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Shagari,
      The process of migrating to different bouquet is written out on this blog,but if you don’t understand the process of switching between bouquet, i will advise you visit the nearest startimes office withing your state to do it for you.

  51. Apariola Matthew says:

    In Badagry, startime service was not well ok, pls upgrade it so that we can enjoy it.

  52. mustapha a bukar says:

    i buy startime decoder with full access but i cant receive signal from my hometown yobe stse

  53. murphy ubido says:

    hi, startime i recharge my startime yesterday 26/5/2012 bt some station did nt show, eg nta sport,nta entainment,, france24,tbn

  54. When startimes chernes will reched 51chernes that is my comment. &?.

  55. Good day to startimes my comment is that when 51 channel reched p.h.? Thank.s

  56. Seyi says:

    I just buy new statime decoder and fit it on my tv and insert smartcard which ur dealer help me recharge but it showing channel list is empt

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Seyi,
      The decoder is not properly fix. Make sure the dealer fixed it and activate it for you.I believe is not yet activated that is why the channels list is empty.

  57. Adebayo Ismail Akin says:

    Pls, can I use premium bouquet on my decorder? with smart card 02027253359, am from Ikire, Irewole LGA, in Osun State very close to Ibadan, we are using Ibadan network.

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Adebayo,
      Premium bouquet doesn’t exit on startimes bouquet.The available bouquet are basic,classic and Unique bouquet.

      • Adebayo Ismail Akin says:

        How could I migrate from basic bouquet to classic bouquet on internet without using sms?

      • Owolabi says:

        Hello Adebayo,
        Migration can be done by sending a particular codes through sms or visit startimes office to get it done for you.

  58. Adebayo Ismail Akin says:

    Pls, how could I get my password? I have been tried to use customers care but just display error.

  59. Pastor Akintoye Shola says:

    pls try to install YORUBA programe

  60. F.c Ezeasor says:

    Hi how many hours will it u to restore my line after recharge thanks

  61. K. Akpan says:

    I bought a new startimes decoder on 2nd June, 2012. I sent my decoder serial number, smart card number, address, and phone number to 08168884444 as I was told that it will activate my smart card and decoder. When I tune the decoder I can pick only NTA24 news channel. The other channels show “no service”. I went and bought a new antenna as I was told by the dealer but yet the other 35 channels still show “no service”. I was told that I do not need to recharge the decoder now because I have 1month free subscription. I’m getting fade up with this startimes. What do I do. Should I buy a card and recharge?

  62. K. Akpan says:

    Dear Owolabi
    I bought a brand new Startimes decoder with smart card number 02027717425 my decoder serial number is 27012811250969536 in Port Harcourt. I have sent an sms :RES#02027717425#27012811250969536 to 32020 to activate the decoder but I get a reply “invalid instruction”. My decoder shows only NTA24 news channel the other 35 channels show “no service” I even bought a new external antenna but to no avail. Please help me activate the other channels because I was told by the dealer that I have one month free subscription. I bought the decoder for N4900.

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Akpan,
      Startimes decoder only is N3,900. After purchasing the decoder you will then pay for any bouquet of your choice, and this bouquet will be activated for you instantly before leaving the premises where you bought the decoder. Akpan, presently you don’t have any subscription on your decoder yet.Basic bouquet is N1000. Go back to the dealer to activate it for you.

  63. Dammy says:

    Is nta going to show the euro 2012 football matches via startimes. Please i need urgent reply. Thanks.

  64. Emmanuel says:

    My startimes decoder is gives error message no access not subscribed. On 6 of june 2012 I have ont been able to use my decoder, no signal service availoble please help me to fix it my smart card numbers is 02027313401 from Port Harcourt Thank.

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Emmanuel,
      Your decoder is not properly fixed that is why you get No Signal Messages. Visit any startimes office to rectify the problem.

  65. Marcus . I . Marcus says:

    I need to recharge for my children at p.h city and i am in my home town, there is no where to buy startimes recharging card.what should i do to activate? Is there any way i can get the pin online to pay with my bank account details. Can it be poseble?

  66. mrs olaoluwa says:

    I want to recharge and have been sendiing sms but allit kept replying is’in order to recharge with rechargeable card and replace package ,pls send cc#ic card#charge card or cc#ic card#charge card#product code to 32055.I couldn’t get 2000# card so I bought 2 #1000 card ave not been ble to load for 2 days now.what do I do ,even the site is not working.

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Mrs Olaoluwa,
      ic card means your smart card number
      charge card means your PIN from the recharge card
      product code means the bouquet code eg #B or #C or #U

      So simply send CC#smart card number#PIN to 32055 to recharge your current bouquet

      send CC#Smart card number#PIN#C to 32055 to migrate to Classic bouquet.

      NB. #B means Basic Bouquet
      #C means Classic Bouquet
      #U means Unique Bouquet.
      These are the product code.

  67. Akeem ibrahim says:

    Startime is a good digital tv but you people still have to improve. Like unique bouquet #4,ooo is two cost it supost to be like #2,500 with authentic channels like eurosport news mbc,nollywood movie channels and some great channels not only to pack nigeria and china and india channels pls do something fast thank u.

  68. I just buy startimes it alway crack i dnt like it and i dnt knw were dey are show primier legue

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Olamilekan,
      Startimes has not started showing premier League yet, But for the cracks you mention i will suggest you reposition your antenna for better reception or make use of yagi antenna or external antenna

  69. Olayiwola Afolabi says:

    I just recharged my decoder using Quickteller. How long will it take before ican access the platforms/Stations? Thank you.

  70. Rotimi Olawoye says:

    I bought a N1,000 recharge card and I’ve attempted to recharge twice via text message and was charged N30 on each occassion without any response from Startimes. Now I am skeptical to send in the text again fearing that I will have to pay for another text message. For how long will this continue before I get a response from startimes. Honestly I don’t want to believe that Startimes is conniving with others to take as many N30 from its clients by this non-reply to efforts to recharge. Your timely reply to this e-mail is necessary to douse the fears of your clients. Barrister Rotimi

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello barrister Rotimi,
      what was the the codes format you sent.may be your sms was wrongly sent.
      Please follow this code to recharge your present bouquet.

      Note: To recharge your present Bouquet be it Basic,Classic or Unique without migrating, SMS:

      CC#Smart Card Number#PIN
      To 32020 or 32055

      To view your account balance SMS:

      BQ#smart Card Number#
      To 32020 or 32055

      Any of these network can be use to recharge your startimes decoder,MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, ETISALAT, and VISAFONE

  71. Afolabi Ismael says:

    it seems something has gone wrong with my decoder, my younger bro was operating the system and mistakenly reset the it to default, though it’s been long we’ve recharge it but, but today,i recharge through phone and i got a reply containing some number, but the problem is that the channel list is empty and i’m tire,pls help.

  72. Afolabi Ismael says:

    i’m waiting for you response

  73. OLAOYE says:

    i just bought my decorder,and make use of my tv atenna but its telling no i need to buy startimes antenna to get the signal.pls reply me now.

  74. OLAOYE says:

    pls i want to may be startime always show laliga,seriea A, and coper derey.tell me when the promo will come to an end

  75. williams joshua ik says:

    hi, though ever since we bought the s-times using the free 2 months on 1 month supscription we stop for 5 to 6 months. for some reasons,but for d 1st time we bought card d saler did not ask my young bro is it 1 month or 2 weeks and tells him to loads for 2 weeks.decieveing him by adding #C still nt working,but later load for 1 month as useuall but not working and there’s is no reply help me.

  76. williams joshua ik says:

    hi, though ever since we bought the s-times using the free 2 months on 1 month supscription we stop for 5 to 6 months. for some reasons,but for d 1st time we bought card d saler did not ask my young bro is it 1 month or 2 weeks and tells him to loads for 2 weeks.decieveing him by adding #C and send to 32020.still nt working,but later load for 1 month as useuall but not working and there’s is no reply help me.and is only nta 24 that is now working.i’m not happy

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Williams,
      The situation is beyond what you can handle your self. please visit any startimes office with those cards you already loaded, they would be able to tell you what to do.

  77. olaoye oluwarantimi says:

    i just bought my startimes decoder.Is it posible for me to view any station with out subscribe on it.And also are they showing spanish laliga,coper derey and italian seriea.pls repley me now,thanks.

  78. alimi says:

    i need full detail, i’m from osun state

  79. azunda says:

    I recharge my startime nd since the pass 12 hours no replies.don’t just tell me its network problem nd work on it

  80. Nedu williams says:

    I brught my startimes on 25th december 2010,after d 1 month free i have not recharge i parcked it then 2 day i remembered it and recharged it as it is writen on d scratch card bt not showing stations{receiving data now,don’t turn off power}this is what i see on the screen after that thesame thing happends bt i have not receive message,what can be the problem?

  81. OLAOYE says:

    pls my guy,without activating my starstimes,can i view any station.And also can i purchase it now and activate it later without having any problem with it.answer me now…….

  82. olaoye oluwarantimi says:

    wath is the diffrent between activation and to subcrib.are they the same thing?

  83. Dammy says:

    Please startimes management, kindly give us eurosports news channel to replace msc extreme channel. Thanks.

  84. Meenat says:

    Hi!i recharge 2day but i can view only 19 channels.odar like nta,stve1 n 2 r blank.i have been using startimes 4 d pass 8months now n have not encounter such disappointment till now.pls what should i do about d missing channels?

  85. kazy says:

    I am 1 of your great customer, I recharge my decoder but only 18 chanels weer showing and recentlyI purchase anoyher 1 for my wife in her shop its only NTA dat show…..pls am dissapoited

  86. olaoye says:

    its there any diffrence in activating and sucbription

  87. marcy says:

    Pls can I use startimes in owerri? Do u have an office or netwrk coverage in owerri

  88. Am in Abeokuta in Ogun State,what are you doing about the Startimes service in Abeokuta ?,I bought the decoder since November 2011 but not enjoying the service due to weak signal in Abeokuta and what were you doing about it.

  89. opejin azeez says:

    Hi, pls u need to boost ur signal around Sango Ota. Ur signal strength so weak at Ishaka Area. I could not get any Local Stations in my area Ipamesan sango and u withdrew it frm those who got these local stations

  90. olubunmi fagbemide says:

    i just recharge through sms but i was not connected,in which the sms was deliverd

  91. Kelvin says:

    How much is startime antenna?

  92. Innocent Ikechukwu says:

    Some of my channels is not working some ahaving 51channels but my own is 31channels my carde no is 02027617xxx

  93. Azeez kola mikail says:

    Why all the time am brought the startime recharge card and sent throuth the sms , the just deduct my money only, they not reply me at all. ?

  94. Kunle shittu says:

    Sir,i just want to know the actual time startimes signal will be fully available in Oyo town,‘cos most of us that bought it just use it to decorate our shelves.
    When i made the call to customer care u ppl promise to boost the signal but up till now nothing has been done.pls do something ‘cos u av a lot of customers at this end now.

  95. Idegbe says:

    I bought 2000naira startimes recharge card..and i’ve sent message since yesterday,so ive nt got any reply since then…..doest startimes has a 12digit startimes recharge pin

  96. Samson says:


    Thank God i got you here and due that i dont have much time to make the complain @startime office but it really great i get you here my complain is that for like 4month now i have not been able to listen to Nigeria stations voice but just showing without talking but other stations like foreign stations talk…please help me with those station to voice out e’g galaxy tv,ltv,mitv,nta,channels and so on..please help me to rectify it as soon as possible.

  97. can i get NTA 24 sport with of richage card?

  98. ADOCHE SUNDAY says:


  99. Chibuzo says:

    Good day, I would like to know if startimes signal can be received at Ajalli, Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra state.
    I look forward receiving your reply.
    Thank you.

  100. Chibuzo says:

    Where can I get startimes office in Awka, Anambra state?

  101. Well i just first of all use the site before i’ll know whether is okay or not. thanks

  102. Adefisayo Adenuga says:

    I load a recharge card of N1000 yesterday 10th November, 2012. I latter showed on Sunday 11th Nov., 2012. without the Local Channels, Like NTA 24, Galaxy, Channels, STV Music and many other. My decoder number is 02027******.

    Mr. Adefisayo. Adenuga

  103. Judah says:

    some local channels and BBC not speak out since last week please do something to ratify it

  104. ifeoma says:

    If you are buying a new decodaer wil u pay activation fee.

  105. ifeoma says:

    If you are buying new star time decoder wil you pay activation fee.

  106. Fola Sukky says:

    hi, I stay in Akure,i bought the startime decoder hoping to enjoy it when i get back to my base, since i got back i’ve looked for ur outlets in order to purchase a recharge but found none and moreso i’ve recieved no network signal. is it that i cant watch startime channels in ondo? Or have i wasted my money? pls i need a quick response

  107. sitonik says:

    i bought your decorder few weeks back but it doesnt work in my rural home kapsabet. what is your advise on this?

  108. moshood says:

    i love startime very mush

  109. Olugbami a sunday says:

    Ur sales rep. Re not serious at all .they re giving incompitent hand Ssub dealer in ilorin.

  110. Imabong E. says:

    Hello, Pls the website is not available. What is the correct Startimes Nigeria website?

  111. agoro moruff says:

    i dont kown why you people have to removed mcs and replace business tv why. instead of increasing, is add and remove.

  112. Olawale says:

    Ello i just recharged my decoder now and is showing no acces unsuscribed,i look through the recharge there i saw dat g made a mistake by including #B after can i restart it again

  113. Olawale says:

    Pls help me i need to watch news 2morrow morning

  114. Danlami Haruna says:

    Nasaya; starttimes, Ranan) 11- 11-2012. inasun insa kati na dubu,biu wai saiwata yakare…?

  115. iniobong c says:

    what is goin on with my startime have burn all my credit callin hot line without them giving me solution with that ur sucking numbers 094618888* this is 9hours nw my line has not been subscribe. And they have confirm my balance to be 6001. This is my smart card no 02027008778. Pls do sometime about it.

  116. emmanuel isichei says:

    pls i wants to recharge my star time classic bouquet of (4000)that is two month subscribtion,will you people give me bonus for recharging?

  117. saheed Ola says:

    PLS KINDLY CHECK ON DIS NOW.. I RECHARGE MY STAR TIME NOW I SENT IT TO 32055 AND HE SEND MY THIS REPLY WITH THIS MASG….Unsuccessfully The Card #0202779xxx was canceled pls help me look into it now.

  118. saheed Ola says:

    PLS KINDLY CHECK ON DIS NOW.. I RECHARGE MY STAR TIME NOW I SENT IT TO 32055 AND HE SEND ME THIS REPLY WITH THIS MASG….Unsuccessfully The Card #0202779xxx was canceled pls help me look into it now.

  119. Linus Ugochukwu says:

    Pls, its wrong networking that i recharged 1000 and get response i have replace classic bouquette? However its only wap tv that is showing. All other channels are responding not subscribed. Pls what do i do?

  120. Musa Hussain Abubakar says:

    I tried recharging my startimes through the internet but fails.

  121. Musa Hussain Abubakar says:

    Pls send me the steps in recharging my startime through the internet. I trif but failed

  122. lanre says:

    I bought my startimes decoder on monday and I was told to call you for activation since then your line did not go pls kindly help me to resolve it my smart card number is 02110099774

  123. elisha gura says:

    Hello. i bought my decoder on mon 24th and mostly there is no signal! What is matter?

  124. Stephen says:

    I recharge 2k on startimes no channel is showing

  125. Rufa'i muftau says:

    Sir, Yr servicè is very sound & clear, bùt d only problem is why did u not had ORISUN into #1000 suscribe like other state like lagos,kaduna etc?

  126. I am impress with your services

  127. oluwole says:

    i bought a startime decoder but when connected it shows no signal and after i bought the startime antenna it shows only nta news while other channels are showing no service.pls what will i do to get the remaining channels.

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Oluwole,
      is your subscription still valid? if no, then you need to pay for a new subscription. With startimes decoder the only channel that you can view for free without subscription is NTA News.

  128. iwuoha collins says:

    my name is IWUOHA COLLINS,i just bought startime
    today, it was only
    NTA24news that showed, the rest of the channels
    were showing no signal a
    nd I noticed there were $
    signs in front of other
    channels on channel list.
    Kindly guide on what I need to do to get all other

    • Owolabi says:

      Collins,is your subscription still valid? if no, then you need to pay for a new subscription. With startimes decoder the only channel that you can view for free without subscription is NTA News.Also reposition your antenna

  129. Pls hw much money cud I sub b4 I cud get more stations,especially futbo station,hw am I going 2 get notice when my airtime is abt 2 expire.

  130. Aisha says:

    From the directions above, how exactly do I get my smart card number? Can’t find any card on the decoder. Pls help cos I’ve been unable to recharge.

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Aisha,
      Your smart card number is written on your smart card.Check the front panel of your decoder that’s where the slot for the decoder is located,otherwise contact the local store where you purchased the decoder from or visit any starTimes business hall in your area.

  131. why nta aba not clear why…and glaxy tv

  132. Ofonmbuk says:

    I want to find what is going on startime now, for past two week i can’t use nd watch any program because cracking, why

  133. Ofonmbuk says:

    I didn’t talk of recharging issue is the service is too poor, i can i recharge the i cant make use of it, if it work like one second it will stop like five minute

  134. i have been using startime for sometime now, But it has become problem for me now, due to handing of all the stations.

  135. Adeoshun Olufemi says:

    Am on Basic Bouquette, no soccer sport rendered on all the 32 channels am able to view. Why?

  136. AKPATA HENRY says:

    I have been having some problems trying to watch my NTA SPORT. I only here the sound but no picture.

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Henry,
      Go to menu > system setting > channel search > automatic search, then perform automatic search. if problem persist
      Go to any of startimes business hall they will rectify the problem for you.

  137. Thankgod says:

    Pls i bought a startimes decorder what of five -thousand nine-hundred, nd i bought it bcos of dis epl championship nd am not geting it on the channel dat am receiving though the free channel has not expeir i want 2 know if i can still recharge so dat i will get the channel dat will show Epl championship. Thank’s

  138. Ugonna viktor o says:

    Just got a star time decoder. First time user, though I send a recharge SMS . No show for like 30mints now. I want to try the Internet for a sharp sharp recharge. Cant Wait to view

  139. Ugonna viktor o says:

    Am in portharcourt I don’t have signal on my star time decoder

  140. charles says:

    i bought your decorder and initialy i had basic bouquet,i recently upgrade it to basic and classic but iam not enjoying the services because even the channels i had when i was having basic bouguet some have disappeared pliz help

  141. Osifo o Endurance says:

    I will like to being recharging startimes decoder online on my phone how will i start?

  142. adora says:

    pls I wanna know the days that I can watch wrestling on the e . tv channel , pls reply asap , thanks .

  143. peter says:

    can’t we purchase the recharge card online,giving our account no. & our pin?

  144. peter says:

    i am thoughtfully asking,can’t we purchase the recharge card online,giving our account no. & our pin?

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Peter,
      For now you can not buy the startimes recharge card online. And pls dont give your account number and pin to any individual online. The only place you can recharge your startimes decoder with your naira master card is Quick teller

  145. Mathewmartin says:

    How much is the startime decoder?

  146. Oyewo Abdulazeez says:

    Please send me details how to recharge startimes through phone number, and then adjust your signal in osun state, we need your service network in this state. My no 0806298xxxx

  147. Nelson.Q. Adamah says:

    Please startimes we want you to have your own station that will be airing Epl matches just like how Dstv is having supersport we want u to have ur own sports stations that will be airing EPL matches aside this every other thing is perfect.

  148. Tokunbo aremu says:

    I didn’t see ODUAA TV again in my decorder

  149. Shade Komolafe-Subair says:

    Can’t I recharge without buying startimes recharge card? Can’t I use debit card to recharge.

  150. Samuel Adeola Sanni says:

    First it was the remote, now its the decoder, its not up to a month, I bought it Jan 25th, 2013. By today, 23rd all the channels are indicating NO access – Not Subscribed. Why? Anything to do on the 3 problems?

  151. CHUCKS says:


  152. Prince Chimezie o. says:

    startimes una do wela 4 turning our obodo 9ja into Obodo Digital. But my decoder de give small wahala like,no signal.pls na wetin i go do?

  153. My decoder is having regular signal outage, Pls adjust ur signal,i really want to enjoy my startimes.dis na my number,08138771920

  154. ovule says:

    I tried to recharge by sending cc#02027…#pln #B to 32055 on 19/02/13. what shows is only NTA . what do I do?

  155. I bought a startime decorder for#5900 and no airtime card was loaded to it,sinc am new to it,wen i got home,i was told he sold d one of #4900 to me for#5900,sinc no addition of #1000 to not loaded to it @ d point of purchase,den it shows abt 35channels,i was later told dat all d station present should b shown for free for one month,so pls,how can i change to d classic plan,and again,can i load #1000 after 5days of purchase to get classisc channels,or wats ur advise

  156. lawal azeez says:

    Pls i recharge my decoder wit successful reply but what is written on d sreen is smart card error. Pls help me out

  157. dennis says:

    Pls how do I migrate 2 another plan after choosing one, I just recharged now, but I don’t like this plan. I need 2 migrate to another plan pls.

  158. Oyewo Abdulazeez says:

    I want to recharge online but i don’t get it. Send me how to recharge it

  159. olusola says:

    whenever my flat mate switch on their Generator set my startimes will stop working (NO SIGNAL) what could happen

  160. Jerry Gani says:

    How long wil it take for decoder to pickup start showing after recharging

  161. Oyewo Abdulazeez says:

    Hello,after I recharge, my decoder does not peak some stations like STVE 1, E!Entertainment, STV-KUNGFU, Sentanta African, MTV BASE, Nicklodeon,DISCOVERY SCIEN,Boollywood tv, Farin wata, B4u movies, WAP TV,STAR GOLD, STAR PLUS, BABY TV,ETC. Why?

  162. mr jamiu says:

    i recharge my system ystday and notify been succesful recharge but til now i can view any channel execpt 24 hour Ntn

  163. George Chidi says:

    I have startime decorder but since i came to Owerri l can not recievr signals. Pls are u pple not in Owerri yet?

  164. ODUNZE IK OKOLO says:


    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Odunze,
      There are several ways to recharge your startimes decoder on the internet,you can recharge by going to startimes website with your already purchased recharge card or you can use quick teller to recharge your decoder from your bank account. Check out my other post on how to recharge startimes decoder on the internet

  165. I bought a startimes last week saturday,not all channel are working & the some that are working didn’t speak at all,pls help me to rectify dis problem.

    • Owolabi says:

      hello Aluko,
      Adjust your antenna or perform AUTOMATIC SEARCH using your decoder remote control to have the remaining channels listed out for you.

      For audio problem:
      Press TRACK BUTTON if you are using a decoder,
      press AUDIO BUTTON if you are using CRT TV and (!/!!) BUTTON if you are using LCD. Select either STEREO, LEFT OR RIGHT BAND to get sound for the rest of the channels

  166. Michael Jacob-Tsonov says:

    Your services are ok in some states, but u need to improve. Is it rue that a Decoder purchased in Lagos can not be used in any other place except Lagos?

  167. Abiam says:

    Hello Startimes,
    I want to thank you for your services here in Nigeria and also use this opportunity to find out from you why the startimes radio is not functioning? I really appreciate your services and I am looking forward to hearing from you very soon.
    Yours Faithfully,
    Abiam George.

  168. Abiam says:

    Good Day,
    I discovered that startimes the Radio section which i have tried time without number to get it functioning to no avail.
    Is there anything else i should do to get it functioning?
    I appreciate your services in the other aspects of your broadcast, keep it up.
    Hope to hear from you shortly.
    Yours faithfully,
    Abiam George.

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Abiam,
      For the radio station for now i don’t have any information concerning that.But in my own thought i believe they have not start that service yet.

  169. Etifiok Essien says:

    I bought a startime recharge card, #2000 to charge from Basic Bouquet to Classic. I did as written in the Recharge card. When i sent it through sms, i keep having this response that “Unsuccessfully, The dependent product is still not ordered, but cannot order it” so what is the problem because i don’t understand it anymore.

  170. thomasluka says:

    I want to be recharging through mobile phone or text, how do I go.

  171. Fakorede Moses says:

    I bought startime decoder last yr and using it for two later I travel for about three month,later I come back early this April,when I recharge it what I see is that it write on screen that.No access-No subscription,what you can do to help me retify the problem,smart card nomber 02110******

  172. Aniefiok Harrison says:

    I love this startimes service

  173. Please how can i check my balance online

  174. Oluwadunsin says:

    Please how do I check my subscription status?
    I just bought the decoder yesterday and the guy I sent told me he bought N1000 recharge but when I check my event I saw 1-04-2013 to 30-04-2013

  175. Ibrahim says:

    I hav a startime, & lik it

  176. vanessa morka says:

    hello! plz is there startime in ghana? i have startime in nigeria an i came with to ghana to use her but i can’t recharge it, plz can i use it here, if yes how can i recharge it bcos i dont no any startimes office here in ghana

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Vanessa,
      Startimes signal is not available now in Ghana. But very soon their services would be lunched here in Ghana because right now am in Ghana my self,but i do see their adverts on Ghana TV (GTV).

  177. Anande emmanuel says:

    i am tired of startimes decoder,because there service is very bad and it is always cracking.

  178. Samsino says:

    Can i choose any channels of my choice when i wt 2 recharge? Why do we not hav important channels like AIT,SUPER SPORT in startimes?

  179. Micheal Aduratayo says:

    I forgot my password, how can i get it back?

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Micheal,
      Visit any startimes office in your area to recover your lost password. Remember to go with the origin receipt( prove of ownership)

  180. caroline says:

    i recharged my office decoder wit one thousand naira. At first i could view the normal channel, bt the next day wen i switch on the tv, i couldnt find some channels like nta news, sporrts, education etc, e stars, real stars nd some i know do open wit the one thousand recharge card. I viewed the channel list but they were not there. Wat do i do?

  181. Bede says:

    I migrated from unique to clasic buquet with a recharge of N2000 the repply I got was that the recharge was successful. Later, I received another message 32055 that unsuccesfully the pin no. has been used. I checked my balance and observed that I’ve not been credited. What are my to do? My smart card no. is 02110******. Hoping to be replied . Bede

  182. Andy Benson-Idima says:

    I will love to get update inform all the time in my email address

  183. Dammy says:

    What is the email address of startimes. Kindly please paste it on the wall.

  184. Mufutau balogun says:

    Startime well done more greez to ur elbow.

  185. edmund akpaidem says:

    i have recharge my decoder yesterday around 4-6 pm yet non of the channel is open.
    my decoder is 02027xxxxxx,
    pin is xxxxxxxxxxxx.
    l got a text successful with mobile no 0706473xxxx

  186. Adelaja ajibola says:

    Pls i want to know i have been loading just a #1000 monthly, but i want to be cleared on dis recharge of a thing what if i feel like loading #5,000 wil they entend my month for 5months? Pls reply. Thanks

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Ajibola,
      sure you can load your decoder ahead.Just make sure load with the right code and dont forget to check balance.

      To check your balance send:
      BQ#smart Card Number#
      To 32020 or 32055

  187. esan nasiru says:

    i jst bot a card of startime nw, and av recharg it bt is not showing me recharg successfull and is been delived, and d channels ar nt showin, dont no wat to do, dis is my smart card no 0202*******

  188. fakeyeidowu says:

    am enjoying startimes not untill kenny music was rescheldue

  189. Salimon folashade says:

    Startime decorder is 100 percent okay is good to use at home,the tarrif rate is very cheap,fantastics

  190. Emmanuel says:

    I like startime very wel

    • says:

      What is the problem can happened on my decoder which does not receive service, please help me on it. Thanks

  191. adekoya seun says:

    Am enjoying startime, my question is that can I still recharge while my subscription is still on ?

  192. I was watching film on my startimes decorder al of a sudden it start skiping few minite later it showed me no service. And i went out side to turn the antenna but it stil show me no sign.pls guide me on what to do.

  193. banjo adebisi says:

    i want to become startime dealer or agent, what is the requirements?

  194. Hosea jonathan says:

    How do i reachage my startimes decoder, using mtn,airtel,or visafone?

  195. Pls how can I knew my subscription balance
    2. how can I recharge my account,
    the decoder was a new decoder I want to subscribe for =N=1000
    pls when I u come to Osun State

  196. I really enjoy startimes digital Tv.But I still want the management to introduce payment through commercial banks so dt people can have different options of payment.Thank you.

  197. chinenye nwachukwu says:

    i bought startimes decoder 3mnths ago and subscribe 4 d highest bouque bt am nt hapi wit d channels i got. Eva since den i hav nt rechared. We nid movie channels lik mbc 2, mbc action, cine afrika and atleast 2sports channels 4 life premiership matches.pls o 2 avoid d risk of loosing too mani customers

  198. i want to use glo recharge card to subscribe my star time decoder

  199. Michael says:

    Please all of a sudden, my startime decoder is bringing a message “smartcard error”

  200. Michael says:

    Please the solution to smart error message.
    Please do reply.

  201. Paul Kashim says:

    One of your dealer changed my bouquet without been told when I went for a recharge. This was discovered few hours later. Please, how can I revert to my former bouquet?

  202. lekan sheriff says:

    pls i loaded the recharge card of 2000 naira then i got a msg saying ur the card has entered (i loaded it around 9:00), but the thing still write no access not subscribed, what is the trouble..

  203. Divine sunny felix says:

    Star times is enjoyable, please you people should improve your reception clarity and add more interesting adult filled programmes , we want startimes to come to imo state nigeria

  204. Peter Egbadon says:

    I mistakenly over scratched d pin on my recharge card, what do i do to redeem it back.

  205. Steve says:

    Where Can i get stertimes mobile phone 2 buy at surulere? Send it on my mobile number 0809881xxxx, Iwant 2 go there now 2 buy 1.THANKS.

  206. Akanbi Fatai Ademola says:

    well done starcomes. I recharged my startimes decoder yesterday but I dont see any allart mesrage either on my cell phone or e-mail. Although, I have some data remain on it. And i entered your site to change my password which i did successively, but when i latter want to check my account ballance; the system was demying me please what can I do? I want my reply through e-mail or sms. Thanks

    • Adebayo Ismail Akin says:

      Hello, Mr. Akanbi, for quick response from Startimes, call their customercare 094618888, 014618888

  207. olawale abdulhameed says:

    Hi I just recharge my decoder now but no sign that I have successfully recharge and how long does it take before to open back those locked channels after recharge?

  208. Kareem Jamiu Abide mi says:

    I like star time

  209. Abugu paul chinedu says:

    I will like startimes 2 reduce dia monthly subscription is 2 least dat 4000 shud be decrease to 3000.plz

  210. Abugu paul chinedu says:

    Hope startimes is showing live match esp english premier league.

  211. Please startimes company, since i bought my decoder, i dnt know my smart card no. And i dont know hw 2 recharge. Pls help me thanks

  212. Pls startimes holder,since i bought my decoder. I cant not view all the 35 channel, some de wright recharge ur basic bouquet. But my balance is remain #1387. Pls what is the problem? Or those it need 2 recharge again!

  213. i want recharge my startimes through internet

  214. Akan Ekpo says:

    I’ve tried my best 2 recharge through SMS but it couldn’t deliver 2 d code Num 32055 n i called d custòmer care line n d response was dat d num doesn’t exit, so 4 now i can’t recharge from here

  215. Acm simon says:

    I bought a card to recharge my decoder but its four days now i still cannot access any channel aside stv guide and nta makurdi please whats wronge

  216. Muritala Lawal says:

    I bought a startimes decoder on 5th of August 2013 and the decoder is showing no sinal up till now.Whereas it worked where I bought it. Decoder serial no- 2927281xxxxxxxxxx / 0056xxxxxx. Smart card no- 02110xxxxxx. My phone no-08037xxxxxx.Thanks


    pls, i will like to know the total amount of credit in ones account when we recharge the startime

  218. Ajayi Taiwo Femi says:

    Pls am in somewhere in Osun state Ila Orangun precisely. I want to know if it is possible to use my startimes decoder here?

  219. Okeke chibuike says:

    Pls i bought a startime decorder bt it has not been activated….pls help me…my smart card no is:02110****** decoder no:29252813011673857

  220. Hi! i bought a Star Times Decoder on 27th day of April, 2013, I subscribe for Basic Bouquet, but i could only watch programm on my TV for just two weeks, then i receive SMS from the Star Time that i should recharge, i contacted the Agent who sold the decoder to me ,i was not satisfied with his explanation, on the 8th day of August,2013 I made another attempt to recharge,i used it for just one week, then the message that was displayed on the screne was that i should recharge,I went back to the dealer again,i now discovered the he place me on Unique Bouquet instead of the Basic which i paid for. is it true that only the accredited agent alone that can do the recharge or one can do it on his own

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Adeseye,
      You can recharge by your self, that is why i have setup this blog to show startimes subscribers how to get things done without going to their offices. well that mean you’ve not been going through my post on different issues on startimes decoder.

  221. Kasule says:

    Some channels like startv are not clear without volume

  222. shina olubodun says:

    pls what time d startimes will start here in akure,because we has heard t advertisement that is they will launches on monday september 3.

  223. cece says:

    I want to know if startime has an office in warri

  224. CC#020xxxxxxxx#2245xxxxxxx

  225. adewumi dare says:

    I’ve been trying to reactivate my startimes account for the past few days. But I get a msg from 3202 that its an invalid sinstructions that u sent. And this is what I sent to it. :RES#02110280392#27072812391442705. Pls what’s the solution coz I have over 1000naira in my account to use my basic bouquet. Thnks

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Adewumi,
      Concerning the issue of reactivating your decoder, i think you should take it to any startimes office nearest to you. Make sure you visit startimes office and not road side sellers of startimes decoder.

  226. I just bought my star time today in akure on do state and I was told on it for some time of wish I did but the only Chanel I could watch is nta akure and OSRC which are local station pls what can I do to get all other station?

  227. abiodun noah says:

    i bought a startimes recharge card for my decorder at home but i don’t know how to load it with my phone can u put me throuh now

  228. Rofiat says:

    Pls how can i recharge my decoder on line thank you.

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Rofiat
      Recharge and maintain your current Bouquet on Startimes Fixed Devices
      This method is applicable to Startimes fixed devices listed below.
      1. StarTimes Decoder
      2. StarTimes CRT – DTV
      3. StarTimes LCD – DTV
      4. StarTimes LED – DTV

      From your mobile phone type:
      Send to: 32055
      Send to: 32055
      Your Smart Card Number is the eleven digit (11) number on your smart card.
      Your PIN is the sixteen digit (16) number from the recharge card.
      Note: This method will recharge your current bouquet but will not migrate to any bouquet



  230. Salihu Jibrin says:

    I am a startimes customer and i will like to know more about how to recharge my startimes decorder on the internet and you should try to bost your service network but for now most especially in makurdi the benue state capital that’s al for now pls.

  231. Otoobongudo says:

    I like startimes

  232. Fadayomi Joseph Oluwaseun says:

    I am Fadayomi Joseph Oluwaseun, I am in Ondo Town. Pls kindly help, all the stations on my Startimes decoder are having dollars sign on them except for NTA Akure and OSRC. I am just using the decoder for the first time, I have to buy the antenna before it could pick signals here.

  233. I just bought a startimes decodes this week at ur office in ondo state were i bought it he show all the channels the time i get to my home town in Ekiti in Ise/orun Ise Ekiti is showing no signal since the day i bought the startimes decodes to Ekiti. Pls what i mine going to do with it that’s the only problem the startime is giving me in Ekiti.

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Omolara,
      There is no problem with the decoder nor the signal in your city. you simply did not knowing how to properly connect the decoder to your TV sets.
      Follow this simple setup instruction for your startimes decoder.
      1. Using the video/audio cable. On your decoder plug yellow pin on yellow port, red pin on red pot and white pin on white port.

      2. Now extend the other end to your TV sets and plug yellow pin on yellow port, red pin on red port and white pin on white port.

      3. At the back of your decoder you should plug your outdoor antenna or indoor antenna.

      Note: Your antenna must be plugged at the back of the decoder.

      4. With your “TV remote” switch the TV to AV and power on your decoder. That all

  234. Fadayomi Joseph Oluwaseun says:

    I am using the startimes for the time in Ondo Town. After getting signals, only NTA Akure and OSRC are showing, others carry $ after them and are not showing, what should I do?

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Fadeyomi,
      Reposition your antenna for better reception. If that doesn’t work then you should renew your subscription. The dollar sign indicate, you have to renew to view those channels. NTA Akure and OSRC are free to view without renewal.

  235. monday linus says:

    the TVs and channels are perfect but need the tb Joshua channel

  236. Victor says:

    Please if you have forgotten your password,how do you get a new one on the customer login

  237. hopesonphilip says:

    my dad gave me a decoder which rhe smart card have been damaged but if i insert my own smart card that have two months subcrition it is telling smart card not paird. pls how do i pair a smart card with another decoder. my own decoder is having solfware update problem.

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Hopesonphilip,

      The smart card your dad gave you

      will not work with your decoder

      because it is not paired with your

      own decoder. Take the decoder to

      startimes office they will paired

      the decoder with a new smart card

      for you. Concerning the software

      update, make sure your decoder have

      good signal, with good signal your

      software update will complete

      without interruption. if your

      decoder encounter interruption while

      updating the decoder will experience

      reboot when ever you power it on.

  238. Iduhon Ikponmwosa says:

    How can i recharge my decorder from my bank account without going to buy the scartch card ?

  239. Abdulsalam says:

    Hello startimes! Pls we need you 2 add some sport chanels like; aljazeera sport nd super sport e.t.c 2 beable to watch premiership nd la-liga b4 we abandon ur dicoder nd go 4 better one. Good day

    • Owolabi says:

      hello Abdulsalam,
      NTA Startime can see your comments through this medium. We are expecting more from them with the upgrade from analogue to digital transmission, which they are currently operating on. DVB- T2,

  240. Abdulsalam says:

    We’r enjoying ur service we need enough football channels. Bcos of dat we bought it ooo

  241. aleem sheriffden says:

    Hello sir , i bught startimes N4,900since past 3month am not use by that time after 1 and half month am strted to used it just only stv guid and nta osogbo and b c o s ibadan are show for me but i think maybe my bounse on it is over befor i stated to used, and then last tuesday 07/10/2013 i loaded card through internet and reply me back am successful after thant am view my account and show me . When open my startime it not show any station just show stv guid and nta osogbo only and them am notice all the channel are put dolla sign in front it ($) but i was call your costomer care yesterday and told me to presse setting on my remoot and sellect the difult to restore it, i was done it since yesterday same thing na ni o. Pls i need ur asistan u on it, emaje ki owo wogbo ooo my smart card is dt 02110548765. When i bougt they are collected my serial number and smart card number pls abeg o my name is aleem

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Aleem,
      I told you what to do, but if problem remains unsolved,take the decoder to any startimes office around you, startimes recently lunched in osogbo so the customer care are waiting for you to assist you.

  242. Emmanuel nzeakor says:

    Pls guide me on hw to recharge wit my phone. We re not receiving signal at awka anambra state.tanks

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Emmanuel,
      To recharge with your mobile phone, check my post on how to recharge with your mobile phone.

      By tomorrow i will post a snapshots detailing how to recharge your startimes decoder with mobile phones.

  243. Babalola Segun says:

    Pls,Ogbomoso in Oyo State is in need of startimes airspace seriously bcos we subcribers are tired of using antenna which normally fluantuate signal.


  245. Pls extend star time services to ekiti dis month

  246. mukoro iyabode riskat says:

    I just bought One thousand Naira card and I wish to watch etv and E entertainment. I know a thousand would take me like 20days. Kindly direct me on how to go about it, the card I bought did not have enough information to perform the operation. Awaiting your response, pls. Thank you.

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Mukoro,

      With 1000 Naira (Basic Bouquet) you will be able to watch 35 channels excluding E entertainment, but etv is included. To receive both channels you will have to recharge with 2000 Naira ( Classic Bouquet), and both channels would be included ( etv and E entertainment).

  247. I brought my star time 4rm lagos 2 uyo and l cant recharge to watch pls reply soon.

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Idorenyin,

      I don’t really get what you are saying,because you must have been using the decoder before you transfer it to Uyo, so tell me what is the problem in recharging in Uyo.

  248. Abubakar sadiq yola says:

    Pls a buy a startames recharge card but i send is showing me fail and pls contact ur customer care pls i need assistant frm yola

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Abubakar,
      How did you send the recharge card?
      Did you use your mobile phone or was it done on the internet? . Which ever way you have done it let me know.

  249. INWANG, ALBERT JOHN says:

    I recharged last on the first of November, 2013 and for one week now, there has been no Service on my Startimes decoder, meaning I am unable to watch the current trends. I want to know if the days that have so far been wasted by your “no service’ shall be replaced?

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Inwang,
      No service implies no signal, and there is no way you can watch any program. i will advice you to reposition your antenna and check to correct any improper connections. Visit any startimes outlets
      or authorized dealer to fixed the problem.

  250. Bode says:

    Hello startime we are enjoy u. But what i want to says is that about the channels, in some football leaque. There is no channel for it why? If i want to watch the star mache (premier and leaque ) like cheasel and Arsenal and man u. There will not be any channel that will peak it. Why? Let there be a new channel for that. This is my phone number for any message or call: 080354*****. Thanks

  251. Chadu oghenero says:

    I just started using startime decoder but i notice channels 421mtvbase, 523nickelodeon, 243bollywood, 524babytv 725 724 120 921and 160. Pls can i not choose a channel i want even if am in basic bouquet? I need responds from you soon pls.

  252. Chadu oghenero says:

    I just started using startime decoder but i notice channels 421mtvbase, 523nickelodeon, 722, 524babytv, 526, 242bollywood, 724 and others are not showing. Pls can i select the channels i want even if am using basic bouquet? Pls i need responds from you soon.

  253. Chadu oghenero says:

    I am using startime unique bouquet but 421,242,723,802,924,725,422,801, they are not showing,why?

  254. Olojah Samuel says:

    pls, when will startimes network come to Abeokuta ogun state. Thanks. Olojah Samuel

  255. felix says:

    please i want to know how to recharg my startimes tro my phone.

  256. Durowoju says:

    Kindly help me to send how to recharge my decoder with Mtn. I bought it early this month.

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Durowoju,
      Read my post on how to recharge your startimes decoder using your mobile phone. it’s very simple. follow the step by step instructions with snapshots.

  257. saidu wamba says:

    why star time is not in wamba lgc of nassarawa

  258. sule waheed isola says:

    sir, it is exertly a month ago I bought ur decoder of 4900+1000naira recharge card but that recharge card is yet to be loaded on my account. Kindly help me out. smart card no is 0211****** and recharge card no is 337110*******.I could not see any chanels on my decoder as from this morning

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Sule,
      Follo this insructions to load your N1000 Naira startimes recharge card:

      Type the following code on your mobile phone as text messages


      send it to 32055

      Note:0211****** replace this number with your smart card number and 337110******* replace this number with your PIN from your Startimes recharge card.

      Happy Viewing !

  259. adeseila henry gboyega says:

    I recharged send my pin to 32055 and d other one but it is not connecting

  260. I good evenoon! I bought my decoder since 2011 so since dt time i hav nt subcribe on dis decoder. I wnt 2 recharge now bt doesnt accept it. What could i do now plz help me?

  261. Joy says:

    Do you have any one of STVE1 or STVE2 on basic bouquet?

  262. eblee says:


  263. pls I want to check my balance

  264. Damian Azegba says:

    My startimes decorder has gone blank ever since i relocated to Enugu from Lagos. I visited a dealer recently and i was told that some configurations needed to be changed before it could start working in Enugu. How true is this?

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Damian,
      Your decoder type is DVB-T1 and so it can not work in Enugun, DVB-T2 decoder can be used in all the cities where there is Startimes signal .

      DVB-T1 decoder can only work in the following cities 1. Lagos, 2. Abuja, 3. PortHarcourt, 4.Ibadan 5.Benin, 6. Kano, 7 Onitsha and 8. Kaduna

  265. lawal says:

    please help us place your mask (server) at okeogun area under oyo state, because some of us have bought d decoder but not pick any station even we use jagi antenna nt working please we need it soonest , and I promise u dat if d server is around okeogun area under oyo state , you get much customers there . I will very glad if my suggestion is done . thanks

  266. how can we know the side we belonging to between classics or unique or banquet

  267. Kunle Omilabu says:

    Weldone, how can i recharge my decoder with #3000 and have #1000 free on classic bonquet,pls treat urgently. Thanks. Kunle

  268. bahatiperis says:

    i hv bn trying to call ur center bt u keep holding me

  269. mr Adebisi Aderibigbe says:

    We believed that is beta .but is not y?.we can not worch it at Norma time and we can’t Norma see our #1000 serves on it .bolliwood and orders .all ways no signer y

  270. Peter samuel says:

    I recharged my card a week ago with full subscription of #3000 and it showed for only few days now it shows on screen not subscribed. what do I do?

    • Owolabi says:

      Hello Peter,
      what is the code format you sent?
      Though this may be signal problem. check all cable connecting your decoder to the antenna, make sure they are properly connect with no breakage in-between the cables.

  271. Onigbinde m Ola says:

    pls kindly send sms number

  272. monsuruadeleye says:

    how can i load my decoder with my atm

  273. akinwumi samuel says:

    startimes surpose to use other rechargE card mtn glo etc

    • Owolabi says:

      Startimes has various ways for you to recharge your startimes decoder. You can use the following ways to renew your startimes subscription,

      Mobile Phone

  274. chris says:

    is long i recharge my startimes recently i wanted to recharge via access mobile is telling me invalid billing number. when i checked my balance is 19.00 and ask me to modify my original password. i dont understand it and how i can do that. please help me.

  275. ThankGod John D says:

    Please why it’s that NTA SPORT is being removed from my channel list.

  276. fakeyeidowu says:

    am using ntsc tv “how can i swicth to ntsc line on the startimes settings thanks

  277. Jafar says:

    my chanel station is not working

  278. please, tell the exact address where I can buy recharge card for my startimes decorder in Abakaliki.

  279. OLAIDE says:

    Good day,have been trying to recharge my decoder since last night,the error msg I got was”system too busy,wait for a moment “I sent it 3times even this Morin.still I can’t get access to the channels.have been calling d customer service, not going thru.kindly reply smart card no:02027091530.

  280. Adebayo says:

    what can i do if i want to change from one bouquet to another…help me out

  281. ibrahim abdullahi says:

    Can I recharge online without buying rechargeable card

  282. musa muhammed jamiu says:

    on 3/7/2015, i subscribe for classic #2,150 through diamond bank and i was not updated with classic. I was updated with basic #1,000. please o help me.

  283. temmy says:

    quadry is successfully

  284. temmy says:

    quadry is successfully

  285. cindy says:

    Startimes ….you people are doing great atleast i can stand and proudly say that startime is better than Gotv but jeez this is not the stone age anymore where things have to be done with difficulties please cant we recharge on line, sundays, vendors dont come out so therefore we have to wait till a working day. please do something in that respect. we are in the computer age.

  286. Raymon Ajanaku says:

    Have been trying to reach your office, through the hotline, but to no avail. I am using your new basic bouquet. Could you pls send me the new formats. I have already bought the scratch card, but lookingfor the rite format to use. Because the previous format is nt working.

  287. Jimwan Nanpan says:

    I recharged one thousand two hundred Naira (N1200.00) since Monday 6th July through SMS and even call customer care line but as I’m writing they have not activated it. What do I do. Is STARTIME reliable?

  288. Kamal says:

    my own is cracking

  289. JIBRIL JIYA says:

    Can i use quick teller application to recharge star time ?

  290. Raheem Oluwasegun Najeem says:

    how do I change my bouquet online without make call to customer care

  291. Amina Sodangi says:

    Pls startimes, i have paid my subscribtion online for over 5 hours now and the signal is yet to show, what do i do?

  292. BABA N MOHAMMED says:

    i like to work in your office my qulification is diploma in computer

  293. hamza says:

    pls how am going to use my usb on my startime hd decorder

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